Custom Applications

It's all about the fit

Clearly, paying vendors is a standard practice. Producing financial statements from a general ledger is fairly standard and with the help of Excel, pretty routine. But what about commissions or specialized billing?  What happens when you have a process that is uniquely your own? What about those small processes that happen just outside of the accounting cycle but really should be included in the analysis that helps you run the business? That's when a custom application comes into play.

In the past, the mere mention of Custom Software made CFOs and accountants wince as the inevitable high costs and delay in the implementation impacted adversely the entire organization. With the advent of the Internet and the tools developed to make Web applications quick, easy and affordable, custom applications using the these tools became viable. In addition, database solutions and Computer Aided Software Engineering tools have matured and have become really affordable.

UGM is in the unique position of being able to develop applications and interfaces between disparate systems (think web site transactions and your accounting package) with local US talent or outsourced to reduce costs even further.