UGM Applications



The Management of episodic television or web shows is a complex set of discrete needs. From auditions, to booking talent, follow up/reminders, check in, time logging and ultimately integration into Payroll and Union reporting is a daunting and tedious set of tasks. Failure in any of these represents lost time, productivity and in some cases fines and, at the end of the day, increased production costs. This application handles all of the above and provides insight into how to run your business far more productively. Contact us for implementation support.

Take 5

Take 5, The Game

Our clients are always challenging us to come up with ways for them to save money or to make them more productive. In our Entertainment and Gaming practice we found an application that allows the casino to make money and/or drive new business into gaming practice. The Take 5(tm) application is a fantasy game that can be configured to match or complement marketing activities to engage patrons on and off property. Contact us for implementation support.