The Young and the Restless

Project Description

For decades, the production of The Young and the Restless has earned the top spot in "Daytime Soaps". It's not easy. Besides great writing, you have to great acting and great sets - all of which require one common component: People. And people have to be accounted for and paid. In addition, many of these people are used for on;ly one or two days. From extras to stunt people, everyone has to be accounted for, reported properly for the unions and logged for royalty payments.

The solution was UGM's Casting application that tracks potential crew members from auditions, through contract preparation, assignment to an Episode to time entry and eventually into the production accounting payroll service.

Project Details


— The Young and the Restless


— 2011


  • Casting Application
  • Data Migration
  • Interface into TimeKeeper
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