Solutions and Services

Light Bulb Discovery

Before you start, do you know where you began? Many tasks start with what is the end result - that's fine except you really have to find out where the data comes from. Is there consistency?

iPhone Locate

With our connections to IBM, Microsoft, HP, Cisco and others, we can find the right resources.

Cog Build

OK, maybe it's time to take a look at a custom built application. Let us help you design, code and implement your requirements.

Chemical Office 365

So many options that there is really no reason not to do this.

Laptop Collaboration

It's time to allow your employees to team up to produce the very best as quickly as possible

iPhone ExtraNet

Try to consider that your vendors are actually partners; wouldn't you want your customers thinking the same?

Cog Casting

Management of episodic television or web shows is a complex set of discrete needs. From auditions, to booking talent, follow up/reminders, check in, time logging and ultimately integration into Payroll and Union reporting is a daunting set of tasks made easy.

Chemical TimeKeeper

If you are using TimeKeeper in your Production office, you really need to take a look at Casting.

Applications Take 5

Take 5(tm) is a fantasy game that can be configured to match or complement marketing activities to engage patrons on and off property. Learn More.

Globe SharePoint

SharePoint and SharePoint Online give enterprises the ability to create collaboration solutions for internal and external access. Coupled with Office 365, these two products provide an  Enterprise Class solution without the need to manage and maintain the application and content .

Help Business Intelligence

BI represents the tools that play a key role in the strategic planning for your business. They allow you to gather and analyze your data to aid in decision-making. Coupled with dashboards, the information touches on many aspects of your business such as market segmentation, product profitability, statistical analysis, and inventory and distribution analysis.

Light Bulb Dashboards

Knowing what is happening right now is important. The big question is how to find out. Reading through pages of reports is too time consuming. Set up goals and map those detailed reports against the goals and visually show the results on a web page. Then attack those areas of interest.

Computer Office Training

It seems to be an axiom that our end users only need to use 10-15% of the functions of Microsoft Office. Just think about how productive they wouldn't be if you took Office away. Now think about how more productive they would be if they knew another 10-15%. Training is the key and the ROI is impressive.

Mouse Accounting

Inceptio has a responsive layout and can adapt to any screen size. It is also touch-enabled and easy to use on mobile devices.

Suitcase Reporting

The problem with standard reports is that you are looking at data the way someone else thought you might - not the way you want. Instead, use SQL Reporting services (it's free and included in SQL Service).

Write Wireless Access

Almost every new device that people acquire today has some form of WiFi connection. Standard access points can be easily overrun and network productivity and potentially security can be impacted. Don't want to be a story on the Web about someone hacking your business? Contact Us.